She had participated in countless styled shoots but never had one of her very own….then she had a vision. Snow. Purple. The perfect dress. But how do you guarantee snow? Tiffany already had the perfect dress. That was easy. She owns Tiffany’s Bridal Boutique in Stevens, PA. Next, she started putting together her crew. One-by-one […]

I could have listened to Christina tell their story all day. They’re Texas natives and foodies with all the splendors of Philadelphia to feed their every need and want. She does regular yoga and they ski on the weekends whenever possible. Okay well, Christina skis and Ben humors her because he loves her. They travel […]

I’ve been noticing over time that my experiences, life lessons, kids and husband have softened me in certain ways. I was never a sappy, sentimental person when I was younger. Now, I think so much more about “firsts” and “lasts” and how important they are. I get choked up over every first and last it […]

Soooooo lets be real people. This engagement session was SO dreamy!!! The light was PERFECT and it wasn’t as cold as it was forecasted to be. I got to meet Colleen and Nick’s super adorable puppy, Lily, and we had a blast wandering around the beautiful property of The Barn at Stoneybrooke where they will […]

“We trust you.” Magic to my ears. When we arrived at Historic Ashland in Wrightsville it was raining but no rain could put a damper on Shannon’s smile. She was glowing from the moment she stepped out of her car with hair and makeup by Hair & Makeup by Nikki D. As for Drew, he […]

“There’s this road that’s special to me…I was hoping we could take our engagement pictures there. Oh and, I was hoping to stop there along the way to the reception to take some on our wedding day.” This got me excited. Then she sent me pictures and I got even more excited. THEN I SAW […]

It’s anniversary weekend for Jess and Matt. Some couples go out to eat on their first anniversary. Others go on a mini trip. Then you have Jess and Matt who spend the entire weekend AT their wedding venue snuggling, journaling, going through photo albums, going out to eat and remembering their “whys” in celebration of […]

How you know this couple is going to be a ton of fun on their engagement session: They drive 2 hours for just the right location….Historic Shady Lane She gets hair and makeup professionally done He buys 4 shirt options for her to pick from She texts you the day before to let you know […]

He stood facing the crowd with the newly married couple to his left. The microphone swayed in is shaking hand. He took a deep breath and opened his mouth to speak. Instantly, tears swelled in his eyes. Amanda told me her father would probably cry. She wasn’t wrong. This was the day Gary gave away […]

11 years ago, he saw her for the first time in an interview. He was German. She was Italian. They had a common language of English and a love for Endodontics. They were married soon after. I could say they lived happily ever after but the story didn’t end there as it never does. They […]

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