It’s that time of year! Time for family. Time for comfort food. Time for gratefulness. Time for gift giving! This time of year comes with big purchase decisions. We are presented with Black Friday deals, holiday sales and last minute “must gets”. But, is it really a good deal if it’s not really what we […]

I don’t necessarily capture memories. I’m a wedding and portrait photographer. I know a lot of photographers say they capture “memories to last a lifetime” and I know what they mean but I think they say it wrong. I CREATE a VISUAL REPRESENTATION of the way my clients want to remember a specific time in […]

Mini Sessions. It’s a hot topic apparently! Portrait sessions by a real, trained, professional photographer are expensive! They are! If they’re not, then you are probably working with someone who is just starting their business which is totally okay (everyone starts somewhere) but you get what you pay for in photographyland. The things a photographer […]

And, then there were four… Yes, four. Now that Rita is born, I get a lot of, “Awwww. Your second?” accompanied by knowing nods. When I respond with, “fourth, actually!” I get some looks that are downright entertaining. 3 boys and 1 girl. Wow. How do I get them to cooperate for pictures? I have […]

The short answer to how I got my start is: I wanted to take pretty pictures of my family….like everyone else. I don’t think there is anything outstanding in my story of getting started but I think it’s an important question to answer both for myself, my clients out there and for anyone who is […]

Are you a fellow professional photographer wondering what equipment I have in my bag and what I use it for? This post is for you. Are you a past or future wedding client wondering what I was or will be lugging around with me on your wedding day? This post if for you. Are you […]

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