Sometimes it is just meant to be. It has been the mantra of our work together to this point. A less than ideal situation brought Ashley and Andrew to me in the first place and (I hope) they will agree that it has worked out in their favor in the long run. These love birds […]

Dream. It was like a dream. A last-minute addition to my San Diego trip schedule. Leila and Mike were amazing. I was on east coast time so starting a session at 6am wasn’t a big deal to me but for them….well, let’s just say, they were troopers. They arrived promptly, were dressed to the nines […]

She had participated in countless styled shoots but never had one of her very own….then she had a vision. Snow. Purple. The perfect dress. But how do you guarantee snow? Tiffany already had the perfect dress. That was easy. She owns Tiffany’s Bridal Boutique in Stevens, PA. Next, she started putting together her crew. One-by-one […]

I could have listened to Christina tell their story all day. They’re Texas natives and foodies with all the splendors of Philadelphia to feed their every need and want. She does regular yoga and they ski on the weekends whenever possible. Okay well, Christina skis and Ben humors her because he loves her. They travel […]

I’ve been noticing over time that my experiences, life lessons, kids and husband have softened me in certain ways. I was never a sappy, sentimental person when I was younger. Now, I think so much more about “firsts” and “lasts” and how important they are. I get choked up over every first and last it […]

What’s the picture you have in your head when you hear someone talk about a photographer? Mine is fairly skewed at this point because I follow so many other photographers but I do remember what I used to think of. If you are like me and 9 out of 10 other people, you picture a […]

    Megan, I’ve been writing this letter to you in my head since you were in high school. Every time I learn something new about life, I wish I could go back to tell you all about it before you make all of those mistakes. I want to save you the pain. I want […]

Soooooo lets be real people. This engagement session was SO dreamy!!! The light was PERFECT and it wasn’t as cold as it was forecasted to be. I got to meet Colleen and Nick’s super adorable puppy, Lily, and we had a blast wandering around the beautiful property of The Barn at Stoneybrooke where they will […]

“We trust you.” Magic to my ears. When we arrived at Historic Ashland in Wrightsville it was raining but no rain could put a damper on Shannon’s smile. She was glowing from the moment she stepped out of her car with hair and makeup by Hair & Makeup by Nikki D. As for Drew, he […]

“There’s this road that’s special to me…I was hoping we could take our engagement pictures there. Oh and, I was hoping to stop there along the way to the reception to take some on our wedding day.” This got me excited. Then she sent me pictures and I got even more excited. THEN I SAW […]

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