Lancaster, PA “She can’t open her gift until after the ceremony!” Ummmmmmm. Okay. This was one I had never heard before. After-the-fact it makes total sense. Joe had his vows to Brittany professionally printed and framed for her (there’s actually a really funny story behind this so if you know Joe….ask him to tell you!) […]

Inside or outside? Inside or outside? The decision went-back and-forth. The weather forecast kept changing in the hour leading up to Ashley and John’s 4:00pm ceremony time at The Barn at Stoneybrooke. The morning was picture perfect. The flowers were hung, the chairs placed before the couple even arrived and it was breathtaking making it […]

If you know me, you know I am never at a loss for words. I’m a “talker.” I love people. I love stories. Most of all, I love to tell stories about the people I love. Bringing out the beauty I see in other people for the world to see is what lights my heart […]

She was a vision as she stepped out the of car on her wedding day. First thing in the morning, Colleen was also wrapped up in anxiety and nerves. It is her personality to worry about every detail. I asked her if she was having fun when I greeted her at the doors to The […]

It was autumn at Historic Ashland. It was supposed to be cool. It wasn’t supposed to be humid. The highway wasn’t supposed to be closed. Well, it was hot. It was humid. The highway was closed. Did Courtney or Ian get upset about it. Nope! They knew the most important thing on their wedding day […]

She clutched her brother’s arm before rounding the corner. Her head was held high and proud. Emily looked like a princess. An intricate flower crown adorned her head. Her blonde, braided locks looked ethereal with a hint of pink. She was never one to follow the crowd. Today wouldn’t be any different. A cathedral length […]

It was the end of the night. The party was going strong in The Lodge at Liberty Forge reception hall. Lights flashed and guests sang and waived their arms as they laughed and danced to the music. I happed to be standing by Katie’s Uncle who had diligently pushed her grandpa Joe in his wheelchair […]

  We had a last-minute change of location for Amanda and Michael’s engagement session. They are in the middle of home renovations, the start of the school year for Amanda and about a million other things in addition to planning their wedding day so it was up to Michael to scout and suggest locations closer […]

We had Longwood Gardens all to ourselves. JUST KIDDING! It was PACKED. As we pulled in, parking attendants ushered us to the overflow parking….always a bad sign. I am still unsure of exactly the significance of what was happening there on Saturday but it was surely a fountain show and EVERYONE was there to see […]

Mark’s mom, Jeanne, stood in the Stone Manor Country Club ballroom holding the microphone. She calmly addressed the crowd. Her beautiful face was alight with joy. She began to speak, “It was a Fall evening 11 years ago much like this one…a little drier (she giggled along with the crowd). Mark came home and had […]

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