I’m not a prop kind of photographer. Michelle is not the prop kind of bride. We bonded over this when we met. THEN….they decided to bring Chris’s 1962 Chevy Impala…and we each put our foot in our mouth. If you’re going to bring a prop, a classic car is probably at the top of my […]

Many times I am one of the first people my couples tell they are pregnant. Maybe it is my background as a therapist that draws them to tell me big news like this or maybe it is to get on my schedule early to get a maternity session during the month they want (I like […]

We went to the wrong house. Yes, that’s right. We not only went to the wrong house but did the whole session there! Their session was full of life. Even with the rain…it was deliciously beautiful. The trees dripped with desire for more. The mountain loomed ever present like the future waiting to be recognized. […]

Jenna and Aaron dressed to the nines and lucked out with the perfect day for a December session. We truly had a blast as we hiked Wolf’s Hollow County Park in Chester County, PA. Jenna in heels and a billowing, red dress. Aaron in a dapper, black suit. I had never been there in the […]

They walked up to my table at The Barn at Stoneybrooke’s annual open house. I recognized them instantly from social media though I had never met them in person before. I exclaimed, “Alyssa and Jon?!?!?! Oh, my goodness! It’s SO nice to meet you!” Alyssa covered her face with her hands and said in a […]

Mount Joy, PA “We will start the day with tea at Cameron Estate Inn for my side and food and drinks at Bube’s Brewery for Scott’s side,” Kristine explained while sketching out their timeline via email back-and-forth. Kristine and Scott currently live in Arlington, VA which made it difficult to get together to meet initially […]

It’s that time of year! Time for family. Time for comfort food. Time for gratefulness. Time for gift giving! This time of year comes with big purchase decisions. We are presented with Black Friday deals, holiday sales and last minute “must gets”. But, is it really a good deal if it’s not really what we […]

I needed to sell my dream horse. It broke my heart but I knew I had to do it. I bought Lacie a month before finding out I was pregnant with Finn. She was everything I ever dreamed of in a horse of my own. She was stunning and came with a heap of personality. […]

I got a message from The Stem’s End over the weekend: “I have this crazy idea to do a fun design shoot with this arch I made today. Would you have any interest in shooting it for me? I also have a dress made out of ferns and natural elements that would make a fun […]

Parenting is the hardest thing we will ever do. Period. You can argue with me all you want. You may say X, Y, Z is more difficult but I stand firm. The difference with parenting to other difficult life situations is that inside each of your children is a piece of your own heart that […]

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