We met in Starbucks. She was planning her wedding at The Barn at Stoneybrooke. We chatted about her plans and I talked about the wedding photography process over my HUGE belly. I was ready to have my daughter any day. She told me that her fiancé, Nate, wasn’t super into pictures but I probably wouldn’t […]

How can 9 months of your life go by so slowly and yet so quickly at the same time. Pregnancy is magical in so many ways. A woman’s body grows life by giving of its own. It is the first of many ways a woman sacrifices for her child. She goes through sickness, discomfort and […]

Declan was born the exact same month as my little Finn so when Stephanie and Anthony asked it if was okay for him to come to the engagement session I, of course, said YES! Whether it’s your fur baby or your actual baby, it is ALWAYS your choice to bring them along to your session. […]

For most of my life I have wanted to get to a place where I could say “I’ve made it.“ And, shine like a beacon of hope to all other people that have struggled in their lives. I have wanted to stand on some sort of pedestal to show people that “you can do it […]

It was cold. The warmth of the day was at it’s high, peaking at 32 degrees as I walked the grounds of Wolf’s Hollow County Park to search for new and interesting spots to shoot in for Clare and Anthony’s winter engagement session on Saturday. As luck would have it, I found some beautiful new […]

I should probably be posting an ooey, gooey testament to how much I love my husband on Valentine’s Day, but I’m not. In all honesty, my relationship with my husband Marc wouldn’t be what it is without this family right here. Marc and Angel Chernoff are authors of a personal development blog called “Marc and […]

Martha’s exact words in an email before her Lancaster City engagement session on Saturday: “I’m really bad in front of the camera…good luck girl!” I literally LOLed when I read it. She emailed that to me and then proceeded to KILL IT for the entire session on Saturday. This was the first time I had […]

I’m not a prop kind of photographer. Michelle is not the prop kind of bride. We bonded over this when we met. THEN….they decided to bring Chris’s 1962 Chevy Impala…and we each put our foot in our mouth. If you’re going to bring a prop, a classic car is probably at the top of my […]

Many times I am one of the first people my couples tell they are pregnant. Maybe it is my background as a therapist that draws them to tell me big news like this or maybe it is to get on my schedule early to get a maternity session during the month they want (I like […]

We went to the wrong house. Yes, that’s right. We not only went to the wrong house but did the whole session there! Their session was full of life. Even with the rain…it was deliciously beautiful. The trees dripped with desire for more. The mountain loomed ever present like the future waiting to be recognized. […]

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