The Last Baby | Shelby’s Final Lancaster County Maternity Session

How can 9 months of your life go by so slowly and yet so quickly at the same time. Pregnancy is magical in so many ways. A woman’s body grows life by giving of its own. It is the first of many ways a woman sacrifices for her child. She goes through sickness, discomfort and eventual agony as she protects, grows and gives birth to a tiny human infant that she will then love and cherish for the rest of her life. A woman and her child are one for 9 short months that are also 9 of the longest months of her life.

Maternity shoots have only become a “thing” in the past few years really. And, what an incredible idea. Oh, how I wish I had photos like this of me pregnant with Andrew and Isaac. As uncomfortable as those months of my life were, they were precious because they were part of their stories. A woman’s body while pregnant should be celebrated and honored. This shoot was special for Shelby because it has brought about a shift in her life that will forever change her and she wanted to create something special to remember this lifechanging time along her path.

Shelby and I went to high school together and even live right down the street from each other! She wanted this shoot to be special just for her and the baby boy she is carrying so I picked her up and took her out for her very own solo maternity shoot just for her. We chatted about the “old days” and people we went to school with. Some we have stayed in contact with but most are just Facebook friends now watching each other’s highlight reel from afar. Our class was very small but also segregated into clicky groups that I never belonged to. I was one of those that bounced around and was a little bit friends with everyone but never truly belonged. I was a full year younger than everyone and was the eternal 5th wheel of any gathering. The few closer friends I did have lost touch when we went off to college and I moved away. It was eye-opening for both Shelby and I to talk about our perceptions of popularity back then and to realize that the people we each thought were in the popular crowds were completely different…helpful insights to remember when raising our children. There are good memories and difficult memories but, in the end, your reality is your own and only you can create it for yourself.

Shelby, it was wonderful to take some time to walk and talk with you through your maternity session. You were a vision, truly glowing with life and love. We really do need to follow through with going for walks together in the neighborhood. I would truly love that. I hope you love this sample of my favorites from your beautiful maternity session. And, because I know how hard it is to wait, there are some surprises in your inbox RIGHT NOW, so go check! XO – Megan

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