Chernoff Family | A Glowing San Diego Winter Family Session

I should probably be posting an ooey, gooey testament to how much I love my husband on Valentine’s Day, but I’m not. In all honesty, my relationship with my husband Marc wouldn’t be what it is without this family right here. Marc and Angel Chernoff are authors of a personal development blog called “Marc and Angel Hack Lifealong with two New York Times bestselling books Getting Back to Happy and 1,000 Little Things. I started reading their blog only a few months after my divorce in 2010 when one of my best friends shared one of their famous quotes on Facebook that made me start to re-assess my thinking patterns. Over the course of 8ish years and through my new relationship with my now husband Marc, I continually read their blog on a weekly basis. It was those constant reminders that made tiny changes consistently over the years to help me become a happier, wiser, more driven, person…and a better wife to my husband and mom to my kids.

Two years ago, I messaged Marc and Angel on Instagram expressing my gratitude, telling them that it was a bucket list item for me to photograph them one day. I didn’t think they would ever read it, much less reply. Well, long story short, they did read it and replied that they would LOVE to have a session with me! I talked to my husband in hopes he would be on board to have me fly to Florida to photograph them before they forgot about me and my offer….and he said yes! It was this willingness to go to such lengths to follow through that they extended the offer to have me, instead, photograph their once per year conference in San Diego. The portrait session we scheduled for them last year at that event, unfortunately, fell through with a delayed flight and then sound checks for the conference until sunset. I still gave photographing the event and the other speakers’ headshots my everything and hoped for the best for the future. Luckily, Marc and Angel extended the invitation to me to shoot the event again this year with the promise to make the time for the portrait session. I flew out a day earlier to give us more time and even brought my oh so talented makeup artist friend, Andrea with Shades of Blush Studio, with me to do Angel’s makeup. It couldn’t have been more perfect. Marc and Angel knocked it out of the park and their adorable son, Mac even played along for a while before he went off to play in the sand to let his mom and dad have some fun on their own.

Angel and Marc, what to say. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart and from my family who is now happier because of the affect you had on me THANK YOU. Attending your conference has been life-changing. It is such a beautiful thing to be surrounded by a sea of other people you have also helped. It’s like one big family there. You have touched so many people’s lives. I’m not sure you will ever know the extent to how you have changed the trajectory of your fellow human race. I know you have changed my life, which has changed my husband’s life and my parent’s lives and my four kid’s lives who now learn through me the importance of what you teach and hopefully they will teach their children one day. When you start adding up all of the people that were in that room with us for the event and all of the people in their lives….and all of the people that follow you on social media. THEN think about all of the people who just silently read your blog. You two are CHANGING THE WORLD. I’m so proud to know you. Keep going. Keep helping. Keep healing. I speak for all of your followers and friends when I say, you two are truly special. I hope you LOVE this SAMPLE of photos from your San Diego beach session with me on Friday. And, because I know how hard it is to wait for the rest, there are some surprises in your inbox RIGHT NOW, so go check! Happy Valentine’s Day. XO – Megan

  1. Marygold says:

    Wow, love the photos. Like you, Marc and Angel have been my source of guidance and inspiration the last 4 years when I was having a personal struggle. I wish to attend one of their courses and meet them, too, to personally say thank you fo being such a blessing to my life. Lucky you, the pictorial session was indeed a great way of thanking them and showing your craft as well. ❤️❤️

    • Megan Hoffer says:

      Mary, thank you for your kind words. I hope to see you at a Think Better, Live Better event in the future! It really is worth the trip if you can make it happen. Xo – Megan

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