The Barn at Stoneybrooke’s Every Weather Fall Wedding | Ashley + John 10.06.2019

Inside or outside? Inside or outside? The decision went-back and-forth. The weather forecast kept changing in the hour leading up to Ashley and John’s 4:00pm ceremony time at The Barn at Stoneybrooke. The morning was picture perfect. The flowers were hung, the chairs placed before the couple even arrived and it was breathtaking making it harder and harder and more and more heartbreaking as the forecast brought gloomy news.

3:00 “It’s just supposed to mist? Okay, outside it is!”

3:15 “A little drizzle, maybe? Hmmmmm. Let’s move cocktail hour to pre-ceremony and let the rain blow over.”

3:30 “It’s supposed to keep raining? We better move all of the chairs inside just in case…”  Que every vendor with an open hand to run chairs inside to start drying them off and placing them in the indoor space.

3:45 “I know the chairs can’t be moved in time but maybe if it stops raining, we can all just run out and still get married outside!”

4:00 Candles were lit, floral arrangements were moved in and placed around the fireplace and windows.

4:15 The newly decorated indoor ceremony space was revealed to Ashley and John together and their breath was taken away. It still wasn’t the dream they had envisioned for their wedding day but together they held hands in the space they would say I do a few minutes later and said yes TOGETHER to the new plan.

When things like this happen, I see the way my couples take the situation and work together to solve the problem. It is a great indication of the way they will handle other unpredictable situations in the early years of their marriage. As we all know, life is anything but predictable. Tomorrow is never promised. It is the way we handle the “less than ideal” situations in our lives that show our true colors.

Ashley and John showed all of us on their wedding day that are they type of people to stand up for what they want, but ultimately, the comfort of their family and friends was more important than the natural light and view. And, the fact that they would end the day as husband and wife was what truly mattered. And, let’s face it, The Barn at Stoneybrooke has one heck of a “Plan B”!!!

Ashley and John’s wedding was colorful like a peacock. I wish I could remember the name of the color of the bridesmaid’s dresses….stunning! Their details were on point with something new for me: generational rings. I had three generation’s worth of wedding and engagement rings to photograph together. That was so special. They even brought the family bible wrapped in white lace. All of that to be drenched in GORGEOUS florals to work with….I’ll be certain to be sharing those shots for months to come. After the ceremony and all the formalities, the couple danced the night away with their family and friends.

Ashley and John, your day was one I will never forget. Yes, the rain but it was SO MUCH MORE than that. It was everything from chicken fingers in the bridal suite to the teamwork that happened from the family and friends to all of the vendors behind the scenes. It was one of those days that makes my job worth doing and I’m so happy to have shared that memory with you. John, I know taking pictures is not your favorite thing to do, but YOU KNOW that taking pictures is VERY important to your wife and that is the only reason you needed to give it your best. I hope you two love your photos. Please enjoy this sample of my favorites to tell the story of your day. And, because I know how hard it is to wait, there is a surprise waiting for you in your inbox RIGHT NOW so go check! XO – Megan

Ashley + John’s Vendor Team

Venue, Planning & Coordination | The Barn at Stoneybrooke

Photographer | Megan Hoffer Photography

Videographer | Shawn Fisher Productions

Catering | Weddings by Hess

Florist | Consider the Lilies

Makeup | Studio Blush (Lea Grosso)

Hair | Studio Blush

DJ | Chuck Jackson

Desserts | Bakers of Buffington

Carmel Apple Favors | Toot Sweet

Bartending Service | Good Spirits Lancaster

Wedding Dress Boutique | Claire’s Fashions

Wedding Dress Designer | Stella York

Bridesmaids Dresses | Nordstrom

Suits | Men’s Wearhouse

Ties | Dazi

Jeweler | Kay Jewelers

Stationer | Minted

Second Photographer: Elyse Gingerich

You may enjoy viewing their ENGAGEMENT SESSION.


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