Jamie + Chris’s State College Engagement

We Are! A total of 10 hours went in to the travel to State College, PA between us for Jamie and Chris’s engagement session. We teetered back and forth between State College (their alma mater) and Philadelphia (where they live) for their location choice and ultimately went with their (our…I also graduated from Penn State) alma mater. So many fun memories to share as we walked from place to place. We, of course, made full use of Old Main and the grounds surrounding it with their adorable pups and were just about to make mid-street dip kiss magic happen when the first drop of rain hit our heads. It wasn’t in the cards. We made a mad dash for the cars digging for our car keys as the rain came down. It down poured for about 10 minutes as we drove to the second location, The Penn State Arboretum. We only sat in our cars for a few minutes and the rain lifted. I always see it as a sign of good luck when the clear umbrellas come out for an engagement session. They really are a ton of fun. Who doesn’t love playing with cute umbrellas?

We found some of the coolest trees I have ever seen and I obsessed over them for a bit. Jamie and Chris were twirling masters and once Jamie got her dress floating, there was no stopping the playful fun she and Chris had together. The rain chased most of the people away and the light was as dreamy as it comes so we had the place almost completely to ourselves in a field of golden light (It was super yummy). My favorite part was when we turned a corner and Chris gasped. I turned expecting to see that someone tripped or something and there they were….their pups being lead by their good friend (and officiant) Lisa. Next, followed the high-pitched greetings of the best dog-parents around being surprised by the sight of their babies. Adorable.

Jamie and Chris will tie the knot at The Barn at Stoneybrooke May 2020 and I can’t wait to see them again already! If their family and friends are anything like them, I am certain I’m going to love them too.

Jamie and Chris, MAN did I have fun with you two! You made my job so easy. You chose an amazing location that was perfect for you and so fun for me. You lit up State College with your joy and love. I adore you. I hope you enjoy this sample of some of my favorites from your session on Monday and because I know how hard it is to wait, there are some surprises in your inbox RIGHT NOW so go check!!! XO – Megan

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