Jackie + Eric’s Stormy Summer Engagement

It made me stop in my tracks and look to the sky. A sound. Low at first. Barely audible. A rumble like a growl. Fitting, I thought to myself, at Wolf’s Hollow County park. A few moments later I heard another, deeper and fuller this time. It was thunder. As I high-stepped back out of a grassy field after taking test shots with my stepladder over my shoulder, I wondered how much time we had before the storm hit. Jackie and Eric were changing into their second outfit and taking an air conditioning break from the heat. The sun had beat down on us with a vengeance for the first half of the session baking the temperatures into the high 90s. Even in the shade, it was hot walking from place to place. I’m sure it felt good to go down to the water and get their feet wet for a spectacular set of photos in the stream. I couldn’t help but wonder how much Eric was dreading putting on his suit.

They walked into view with the huge, genuine smiles they had been wearing for the entire session dressed to the nines, Jackie’s wrap dress flowing in the breeze and Eric looking oh so dapper in his dark blue suit. Jackie grinned up at him in a sweet admiring way that made me smile. I pointed to the dark clouds rolling in and asked if they heard the thunder. Not knowing how much time we had, we got right to it, flying from spot to spot and after a few walking shots on the park pathway, a gust of cool air hit us and didn’t stop, telling us it was time to make our way closer to our cars. As we hustled closer to the parking lot, leaves fell all around us like a summer snowfall. Jackie exclaimed how exciting it was and I agreed. We giggled and skipped our way (Eric did not skip mind you…he walked in a very manly fashion 😉) and once we got there, since no rain started falling, we continued shooting….and shooting and shooting. The eerie weather never gave way to rain! The storm must have skated right past us. They did lift kisses, dip kisses and even laying down kisses right by our cars until the sun was completely gone and it was over.

These two lovely humans are just about the sweetest people you could possible meet. Eric is uber outdoorsy but they live in downtown Philadelphia so this was literally a breath of fresh air for him. Jackie is incredibly detail oriented and admitted that she may have ordered more than a few dresses to try for their session (which I LOVE). And they are both wicked smart. They will be married at The Barn at Stoneybrooke in April 2020 and I am so so SO excited to meet their family and friends. Awesome people like them must be surrounded by equally amazing people. It’s going to be fabulous.

Jackie and Eric, wow. Just WOW. I loved everything about your session and YOU. I wouldn’t trade the strange weather for anything. It was exciting and fun. The genuine way you look at each other with love, admiration and joy is inspiring and I’m so honored to have captured it for you. Your wedding day is going to be wonderful! Please enjoy this sample of my favorites from your session. I hope you love them as much as I do. And, because I know how hard it is to wait, there are some surprises in your inbox RIGHT NOW so go check! XO – Megan

  1. JoAnn Giglio

    August 4th, 2019 at 10:55 pm

    These are breathtaking! I am Eric’s grandmother and Jackie’s admirer. (Of course, I admire Eric too!)
    I may have even played Cupid when they were first getting to know each other. You can see why. These two are wonderful together. I enjoyed Megan’s description of the hours spent with them. It made me teary-eyed because I could imagine it so genuinely. These are two very kind and caring people. And they are definitely fun!

  2. Megan Hoffer

    August 5th, 2019 at 1:00 am

    Thank you so much JoAnn. I can’t wait to meet you all at the wedding!!!!

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