Kristin + Nicholas’s Sumer Longwood Gardens Engagement

For a Navy veteran going through college and a full-time nurse with a challenging schedule, a beautiful stroll through Longwood Gardens was just what the doctor ordered. Kristin and Nicholas live in New Jersey so Longwood was a great middle point meeting location for their engagement session for us all.

Ok, I’ll say it. It was hot. Like really, really hot. We all may have sweated just a bit but wow did they nail it. What beautiful people they are inside and out and boy oh boy does it show in the photos. They danced, they kissed, they snuggled and loved each other and did a lot of happy squealing over how amazing they looked. Now, I’m not allowed to take #stepladderstanely in with me to the gardens so for once I didn’t look quite as much like a pack mule walking around with my couple and I felt much lighter on my feet. I did a lot of spotting locations from a distance and then fast walking like a hipster teen to try to claim it before anyone else did…as is the way at Longwood. #worthit

This beautiful couple will be married at The Barn at Stoneybrooke in September 2020 and I can’t wait to meet all of their family and friends. It is sure to be a little cooler that day for certain! 😎

Kristin and Nicholas, thank you SO much for driving all that way for your session…and for the water. The water was amazing. I had so much fun getting to know you a little better and hanging out taking amazing photos of you two. I hope you love this sample of my favorites from your session. And, because I know how hard it is to wait, there are some surprises in your inbox RIGHT NOW so go check! XO – Megan

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