Mackenzie + Kevin’s Parque Ridley Creek Engagement

It was destined to rain for their engagement session. We had rescheduled once already so it was time to just go for it. With makeup by Shades of Blush Studio, hair color balayage by WB Upstyles, Mackenzie’s outfit choices and location it could have rained for the entire session and it still would have been magic. We lucked out with sun to start the session in the woods and, as the clouds rolled in, I got to meet their sweet pup Jacks and Mackenzie’s parents who came to puppy sit during the session. I could have chatted the evening away with the whole crew. We laughed. We shared life stories. Mackenzie and Kevin danced their way around the mansion. And, we even fit in a champagne bottle pop and toast to their engagement before the storm hit. And, boy did it ever hit! We made it to our cars just in time to drive 15 miles per hour until the storm passed finally. We all made it home safely and I am SO excited to share these images with you. Enjoy!

Mackenzie and Kevin will be married August, 2020 at The Barn at Stoneybrooke. I can’t wait to meet the rest of their family and friends!

Mackenzie and Kevin, what fun we had!!! You two are AMAZING! We need more people in the world like you. Thank you for being so flexible with our weather and being incredibly giving and creative. Your wedding day is going to be as beautiful as you are. I hope you love this sample of my favorites from your stunning session at Parque Ridley Creek. And, because I know how hard it is to wait, there are some surprises in your inbox RIGHT NOW so go check! XO – Megan

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