Ashley + Andrew’s Purple Cameron Estate Inn Spring Wedding

“If you had any question of what kind of a person Ashley is, just look at her bridal party.” Jillian said as she gestured to her right at the table of 8 women seated at the bridesmaid’s table. She went on, “Each and every one of these girls considers Ashley to be her BEST friend and probably visualized herself standing up here where I am today.”

When I first meet with a couple, I start writing their blog post in my head. I can’t help it. I’m a writer at heart. And while I liked what I had “written” thus far, as soon as I received their wedding day questionnaire a month before their big day, I chucked the first version and started re-writing. Part of the questionnaire asks the names of each of the bridesmaids and then the groomsmen along with a request for how you met/what your relation is to each…if you have time. (I just like to know!) The typical (and expected) answer lists the people’s names and something like “sister” or “best friend” or “friends since elementary school.” Ashley and Andrew’s friends mean so much to them that each person got a whole paragraph and I want to share it all with you.

To Ashley and Andrew’s bridal party, I hope you know just how much they love you. Grab a tissue:

Jillian Mengel – Maid of Honor, best friend of 24 years. We met the first day of kindergarten. She mirrors my personality to a T. She is the person I can just lay in bed next to all day with a book and be content while not speaking. P.S. we’ve done this many times. She is the person that lifts me up. The first person I want to tell brand new things to. She has so much love and advice to give.

Ashley Blount- best friend of 15 years. She rode my bus and got me to start traveling. I have so many memories of meeting new people with her and countless laugher. The kind where you can’t breathe. The term glass ceiling will never be in her vocabulary. She has no barriers.

Megan Webb- best friend of 28 years. Her dad lived behind my parents and I was at her baby shower when I was 2. We have so many memories of games we invented, riding bikes in the neighborhood, and jumping on trampolines. She is a beautiful soul.

Kara Abbott- best friend of 15 years. We met in math class and I’m so bad at it but she came to the rescue. At one point we hung out so much we could read each other’s minds. She is studying to become a doctor of veterinary medicine and I am so so proud.

Rachel Dennis- best friend of 16 years. We were concert buddies and rebels. We loved blink182 and made up funny games to play. She is bold and daring and not afraid to stand out in a crowd.

Kathryn Dennis- best friend of 16 years. Rachel’s little sister who we always included. She is a ball of energy and always brightens my mood. Plus, her courage to travel alone and try new things makes me proud.

Chelsey Johnson- best friend of 8 years. We met through mutual friends and she was always my party girl. She is a hard worker and I commend her on her success that comes from it. Her smile is contagious and I know she will always have my back.

Abby Martin- best friend of 16 years. We were always so emo over boys together and she was always my distraction when I needed it. She is a ray of sunshine and has an optimistic heart.

Katie Hinerdeer- best friend of 14 years. When they say opposites attract that’s us. If you saw us in high school you would never expect a hippie to love a scenester. But we connected instantly. She is the type of person that you could not talk to for weeks but immediately start back with as if time had never passed. She is literally amazing at any hobby she takes on. Her craftsmanship inspires me.

“But most of all… with all of my bridal party I can just be myself around them. And they accept me for me. Flaws and all.” – Ashley

Ok, I’m crying again. And for Andrew’s crew: (by-the-way, he emailed me separately for his answers.)

Yes, the guys wore friendship bracelets 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

Ian: best friend of 25 years, instantly became my first friend.
Joe: friend of 17 years, met in 7th grade, bonded over skateboarding
Nick: friend of 17 years, met in 7th grade, had every class together
Jimmy: friend of 15 years, met at work and became best friends through living together at college
Mike: friend of 15, years met through jimmy, instantly became great friends
Tim: friend of 23 years, met early in elementary school through video games and stayed great friend
Brian: friend of 17 years, met through joe by going to their houses and clowning around
Dan: friend of 15 years, became friends through always going to his parents and being there all weekend 

Mike Schwebel: older brother

This is a special group of people hands down. With the little ones included and all, it was a bridal party of 24! When I told them it was my largest bridal party ever, they were surprised. Probably because they couldn’t imagine life without so many wonderful people. The best part is that they absolutely know how lucky they are…each and every one of them.

Their wedding day went superbly. The weather was perfect, everything was on time. It was my first wedding at Cameron Estate Inn and they impressed me at every turn with their professionalism, friendliness and everything was BEAUTIFUL! They truly love their jobs as much as I do there and it shows. The reception was a blast, as I’m sure you can imagine. And, I hear there was even an after party at Tiny Estates in Elizabethtown. Can someone please tell me if Donna was cool?!?!?!?!? 😂😂😂

Ashley and Andrew, you two will forever have a special place in my heart. Thank you for allowing me the pleasure of being your wedding photographer to be there with your amazing family and friends. Your wedding day will be always remembered. Now for the fun part: enjoy this sample of photos from your perfect day. Remember, this is just the highlights. Your full gallery will be along in your inbox in a few weeks. And, because I know how hard it is to wait, there is a surprise in your inbox RIGHT NOW. So, go check! XO – Megan

Venue: Cameron Estate Inn

Lead Photographer: Megan Hoffer Photography

Second Photographer: Elyse Ruth Photography

Catering: Cameron Estate Inn

Florist: Bixler Blooms

Makeup: Inu Salon, Renae Griffith

Hair: Rachel Dennis

DJ: Greg Fossler and Scott

Cake/Desserts: Lancaster Cupcakes

Dress Designer: Lillian West

Dress Boutique: In White Bridal

Suits: Jos.A.Bank

Officiant: Rev Kelly Jo Singleton

Invitation Suite: Simply to Impress



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