Zahra + Bijan’s Spectacularly Golden Philadelphia Engagement

“The lady in red is dancing with me, cheek to cheek
There’s nobody here, it’s just you and me
It’s where I want to be…” – Chris de Burgh

Zahra and Bijan met at Temple University and live moments from boat row in Philadelphia now. Bijan travels the country for work and proposed to Zahra with a Starbucks cup that said, “Will you marry me?” Zahra wore the most spectacular red dress for her “wow” dress and they are getting married 10/10/2020 at Anthony Wayne House in Paoli, PA…they’re my kind of people. We laughed and danced our way through the golden light we were lucky enough to have. The forecast called for clouds all day and by some miracle, we ended up with partly cloudy perfection.

I “met” Zahra and Bijan over Facetime and felt like old friends from the first moment. They are equal parts sweet and saucy and I adore them. We started their session on boat row. It is a walk they make almost daily to watch the sun set. They were congratulated constantly as the smiling walkers, runners and bikers passed by. Some stopped to watch. I mean, how could they not when they looked this good. It was so fun.

Zahra radiated joy and love and Bijan was captivated by her. There were moments I think he was speechless looking at her. There were moments in their shoot I was speechless at the beauty I was capturing. If you know me, you know THAT is a feat!

Our grand finale was the top of the Philadelphia Museum of Art overlooking the beautiful Philadelphia skyline where Zahra truly was “The Lady in Red.” As the world buzzed about around them, she and Bijan stopped time and everyone stopped to watch. It was spectacular. Even as we walked back to our cars, the sky illuminated with delicious rainbow colors and I couldn’t resist just one more set before the sun set deep and satisfied with the beauty it created that day.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend and these photos from their session.

Zahra and Bijan, you two are something special. I’m so glad we found each other. We are going to have a blast on your wedding day! I already can’t wait to see you again and to meet all of your family and friends. I hope you love these as much as I do! And, because I know how hard it is to wait, there are some surprises in your inbox RIGHT NOW so go check! XO – Megan

Second Photographer: Elyse Ruth Photography

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