Courtney + Ian’s Winter Lake Engagement Session

I’ve been noticing over time that my experiences, life lessons, kids and husband have softened me in certain ways. I was never a sappy, sentimental person when I was younger. Now, I think so much more about “firsts” and “lasts” and how important they are. I get choked up over every first and last it seems these days. They are markers in our stories…chapter openers and conclusions. When Courtney put the “I loved her first” sign on their darling, little Pup, Mowgli it made me think again how lucky I am to experience so many HUGE firsts in my clients’ lives. Engagements, first houses, first pets, marriage, kids. It is not only an honor, it keeps me humble in my own life. It helps me constantly reflect on the milestones we have been through to this point in our lives and excited for those we haven’t yet reached, like buying our first house. It helps me remember our foundation and our whys. We all get to those places in our own time, at the right time and I am incredibly excited to be there to experience the opener in Courtney and Ian’s marriage chapter and then to follow along for all the rest.

For now, they will enjoy their beautiful engagement. Engagement is one of the shortest chapters in our lives. It goes by in a flash of planning and decision making. The documentation of this chapter with an engagement photos session is a MUST and that is why I include it as a complimentary part of my couples’ wedding collection. Courtney and Ian braved the cold of winter for their engagement session and, baby, it was COLD but I honestly think there is something magical about this Christmas Season that make everything just that extra special and this session was no exception. The light was amazing and there was something magical in the air…their love.

Courtney and Ian, thank you for braving the cold and especially Ian for baring with me as I shouted orders from forever away to get those epic cliff shots to try it “ONE MORE TIME!!!!!” Your Historic Ashland wedding next September is going to be incredible and I can’t wait to walk beside you on that most special of days. Until then, I hope you enjoy this sample of my favorites from your session yesterday. And, because I know just how hard it is to wait, there are some surprises in your inbox RIGHT NOW so GO CHECK!!!! XO – Megan

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