Shannon + Drew’s fall Historic Ashland Engagement Session

“We trust you.” Magic to my ears. When we arrived at Historic Ashland in Wrightsville it was raining but no rain could put a damper on Shannon’s smile. She was glowing from the moment she stepped out of her car with hair and makeup by Hair & Makeup by Nikki D. As for Drew, he could care less what was going on around him as long as he could be with Shannon…good man.

The rain quickly stopped but their smiles remained and their shoot was amazing. Their outfits reflected the colors of their wedding day in June of 2019 and their second outfit particularly made me think of favorite 19th century classic novels of mine and I so want to dress up just like them for my own photos! The setting at Historic Ashland was perfect to complete this look and I immediately fell in love with their shoot. To deepen my love, I quickly learned that they DANCE! And, I love their dancing photos! I am typically coaching dancing and twirling the entire way through and they just went for it and with it and I got to just take the pictures while they danced. Oh my. Their first dance it going to be amazing, I think!

Shannon and Drew, it was amazing to meet you both. You two. I love you two! I love the classic vibe you give off. You are so kind and wonderful. I hope you always stay true to yourselves just the way you are. Your wedding day is going to be so wonderful. Okay, enough words, here are a few of your photos that I love. Your full gallery will be along in your inbox in a few days. Until then, because I know how hard it is to wait to post a few, there are a few surprises in your inbox RIGHT NOW!!!! So, go check!!! XO – Megan

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